What is Paint Correction

Paint correction also known as machine polishing is a detailed process to carefully remove imperfections in the paint. Eg minor scratches, swirl marks / cobwebbing and dull cloudy paint.

What is the process

The process consists of cutting into the paint (lacquer) using cutting compounds. This combined with a foam, wool or microfibre pad attached to a machine polisher slowly cuts into the paint removing a thin layer of lacquer resulting in the removal of paint imperfections. TR Valeting can do anything from a single cut to a 3 stage machine polish.

If choosing a 2 stage or 3 stage machine polish, each stage is slightly different. Starting with a medium to hard abrasive cut and slowly lowering the cutting compound abrasiveness less and less and finishing off with a fine compound to give you that mirror finish.

What Else?

Prioir to starting this process, we are required to deep clean the exterior of your car, which is included in the cost of this service.


Prices starting from:
£ 175
Small / Medium £175 | Large / XL / 4x4 £195
  • Stage 1,2 & 3 Available